Why book an Interrail Tour?

  • Choose the relaxed way to explore Europe by rail!

  • Interrail Tours have been created especially for passengers looking to experience all the freedom and flexibility of a standard Interrail Pass, while knowing many of the extras associated with the journey have been taken care of.

  • Travel is seamless with most of your journey pre-arranged. However, you still have the flexibility to tailor an Interrail Tour to suit your needs and choose train times that work best for you

  • Choose from multiple itineraries in France, Italy and Spain based on your interests and desired trip-length.

  • Free train reservations allow you to select your seats well in advance. You simply need to hop on-board, sit down, relax and enjoy the journey.

  • With no more than 5 hours travel time for each leg of your trip, an Interrail Tour means you arrive at your destination with plenty of energy and time to explore.

  • Arriving in the heart of a city, your selected hotel is centrally located less than 800 metres from the train station.

  • Access an exclusive array of benefits and discounts to make the most of destinations on your itinerary.

  • Available trip add-ons like prearranged taxi transfers, porter services, and exclusive tourism discounts, remove any unnecessary stress that can sometimes come with co-ordinating a trip.



Interrail Tour hotels have been especially selected to ensure maximum comfort and ease when travelling. Interrail tour hotels range from mid-range three star to luxury five star accommodation. Many of the selected hotels are small and medium sized hotels with local character.  

All hotels are located within walking distance from the train station and as close to the city centre as possible.
Full amenities are offered with spacious rooms, accessible bathrooms, Wi-Fi, breakfast, and an elevator as well as 24-hours-reception-service where possible. Several Interrail Tour hotels offer the possibility to book a silent room or a room with a panoramic view.
Simply share your room preferences during the booking stage.


Why travel by train?

  • No extensive check in required, simply hop on the train.

  • Plenty of space to move around, lots of legroom, and often a café, bar or even restaurant on-board.

  • Easily travel direct from city centre to city centre.

  • Experience great service when opting for a first class Interrail Tour.

  • Unearth the diverse geography and traditions of just one particular country, while taking the time to see picturesque landscapes during your train journey.

  • Meet new people from diverse cultural backgrounds and engage with likeminded personalities from around the globe.

  • Unlike other modes of transport, rail travel gives a taste of authentic local culture and instantly emerges you in a truly unique travel experience!