Interrail Tour

What is Interrail?
Interrail gives passengers of all generations the opportunity and freedom to discover new cultures, history and the sights of Europe via more than 250,000 km of interconnected railways – all through a single rail pass. Today, over 220,000 European first time and well-seasoned travellers use Interrail each year to unlock all Europe has to offer and experience borderless travel across 30 different countries.
What is an Interrail Tour Package?
An Interrail Tour is a tour package available for European residents which gives you the chance to unlock the cultural and historic richness of a single European country by train.Interrail Tours are currently available in France, Italy and Spain. Interrail Tours are especially popular with mature travellers and those people looking for additional comfort and services, and quality accommodation, all in one convenient rail travel package.
What is included in my Interrail Tour Package?
The Interrail Tour is designed to offer all you need for a comfortable and smooth trip with Interrail by rail. When booking an Interrail Tour package, besides your Interrail Pass, you will receive trip add- ons such as train reservations, hotel accommodation, suggested day-to-day programme, map with information how to reach your accommodation from railway station, sightseeing tips, and other information that will make your travel experience more enjoyable and relaxing.
How do I choose the right Interrail Tour Package for me?
There are multiple Interrail Tours to choose from in France, Italy and Spain. Each Interrail Tour offer something differnt to match the many interests and travelling styles of differnt travellers. You can browse the available Interrail Tours on this site and choose the Tour Package that best matches what you are looking for in a rail holiday.
How can I book an Interrail Tour Package?
Interrail Tour Packages are available for booking online at www.Interrail-tours.com , via Call Center (+31 71 51 37 008), and also in Treinreiswinkel Holland shops.
What are the payment methods available?
After you have booked an Interrail Tour, you will receive an invoice. 15 % of the total amount needs to be paid directly, the rest 6 weeks before departure.
What are the delivery options to receive my Interrail Tour Package?
Your Interrail Tour Package will be delivered with no costs via ordinary mail. You may also choose an express delivery via TNT. In this case, the delivery will take 24 hours (Saturdays included) and € 50 will be charged. Please note that someone has to be at the given address to sign and receive your Interrail Tour Package.
What happens if I need to change or cancel my trip?
In case you need to make any changes to your Interrail Tour booking please contact us by mail or phone. In case you need to change train reservations during your trips, please contact the railways locally. Please note that additional costs, in the last case, may apply, as follows:
  • Up to 43 days before departure 15% of the total amount of your order
  • 42- 29 days before departure 35% of the total amount of your order
  • 28 – 22 days before departure 40% of the total amount of your order
  • 21 – 15 days before departure 50% of the total amount of your order
  • 14 – 6 days before departure 75% of the total amount of your order
  • 5-1 days before departure 90% of the total amount of your order
  • Day of departure or later 100% of the total amount of your order
Is there a travel insurance available?
We offer an optional travel insurance service provided by Europeesche. The cancellation insurance is 5,5% of your order plus 9,7% tax over this amount. The travel insurance costs are from € 1,15 per person per day. You can order your optional travel insurance during your Interrail Tour Package booking.
What are the payment methods available?
After you have booked an Interrail Tour, you will receive an invoice. 15 % of the total amount needs to be paid directly, the rest 6 weeks before departure.


Do I need to make train reservations?
Your Interrail Tour Package already includes the train reservations for your trip and you will receive them together with all travel documentation related to your package. In case you want to change any reservation during your trip, you will need to change this locally at ticket window at the train station. Please note that additional costs may apply.

Rail Planner App

What is the Rail Planner App?
The Rail Planner is a free and covenient app that allows you to look up train information, no matter where you are. It works offline and gives you quick access to departure and arrival times for European trains. The app can help you plan your trip in advance, but it can also be of great value when you're standing in a busy train station, trying to find your connecting train. You can also check extra discounts and benefits that you are entitles to with your Interrail Pass at the country that you are visiting.
Where can I download the Rail Planner App?
The Rail Planner app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

Using the Interrail Pass

How do I start using my pass?
You do not need to activate your Pass. The Pass is valid from the first date of travel printed on the Pass and you can depart on this date. There are no refunds for lost or stolen passes. You should also keep it clean, unmarked, and always attached to the pass cover. Do not laminate your ticket.
What documents do I need to travel?
You will receive a:
  • Pass Cover (this includes a Travel Report to be completed during your journey)
  • An attached ticket (this should not be detached under any circumstances)
  • You will also need a valid passport or national ID card. Depending on your nationality, you may also need a visa to visit certain countries.
Is my pass valid for all trains and boats in Europe?
Your Pass is valid for travel in the country or with the company printed on your ticket or, in case of the Global pass, valid in the countries and companies on the Pass cover. You can also check the participating companies per country in the Rail Planner App, in the section ”Benefits & Travel Info”. Please note that for some high-speed trains in Europe, you need to have a seat reservation in addition to your ticket in order to board the train.
What should I do before boarding?
You must fill out your personal and ticket details before starting your first journey. While you are travelling, you must fill out the Travel Report details before you board any new train, ferry or bus, or when you use your pass for transportation or a discount. If you have a Flexi Pass, enter the date in blue or black ink (no pencil) in the Travel calendar on your Pass ticket. See more details in your Pass Guide.
Does my pass offer additional benefits?
Yes, your pass entitles you to a great range of special benefits, including free and discounted transportation on European buses and ferries. For the complete list of extra benefits, check the Benefits & Travel Info section at the Rail Planner App.
Where can I find assistance related to the Pass whilst travelling?
In many major train stations, you will find international ticket windows where you can get information and assitance with reservations, among other things. If you need further assistance you can contact Interrail Tours: 0031 (0) 71- 5 61 252
What should I do when finishing travelling?
The information on the travel report is what motivates the railways to keep participating in the Interrail systems. Once your journey is finished, please send us your Pass cover including your ticket. No stamp is required. In return we will send you a gift and/or you Pass Cover, if you specify this on your Travel Report.

At the train station

Which is the correct station?
Most large cities have multiple railway stations, and trains generally don’t stop at all of them. Be sure to check that the train you want to take does indeed stop at the correct station for your journey plan. By using the Timetable or the Trip Planner features in the Rail Planner App you can check the stops and all trains stations on your route.
When and where is my train?
Please check the timetable and trip planner features in the Rail Planner App. Please note, it will not provide live departure times (including delays or platform numbers). For this, please check the displays at the station.

You’ll find departure schedules and platform information in all train stations on departure boards, and with a staffed information counter in larger stations. On the train platforms, you’ll usually find displays confirming the next train’s departure time and destination. For high-speed services, or trains that require a reservation, a display is usually provided on the platform indicating the train composition and where to find your allocated carriage.
Where can I request special assistance?
In accordance with European legislation, rail carriers provide free services to passengers with reduced mobility or other disabilities. Information about these services is provided within your travel documents as well as in the Rail Planner App at the Benefits & Travel Info section.
How can I find lockers, toilets and other information about the train stations?
Europe’s major railways provide online information about their train stations, including maps and other relevant information to help travellers plan their journey and locate all the services they need while at the station. Please check Benefit & Travel Info section at the Rail Planner App for information per country.
Are there luggage assistance services at the stations?
Some major Europeans railways offer luggage assistance and other additional services. Information about these services is provided within your travel documents as well as in the Rail Planner App at the Benefits & Travel Info section.
Is there a help desk in case I need help / have questions in the train station?
In the larger train stations there are information kiosks or windows where you can ask for assistance. Staff at the train stations will be happy to give more information.
Are there lounges or waiting halls at the stations?
Some of the main train stations in larger European cities offer lounges. Access to lounges depends on the type of ticket or pass you have; generally a first class. Check “Benefits & Travel Info” at the Rail Planner App for specific information per country.

On the train

Where’s my seat?
You’ll find the car and seat number printed on your reservation document. Some platforms feature a poster indicating exactly where specific cars stop on the platform. You can see if a car is 1st or 2nd class by the numbers posted near the train door or window (some trains have both classes in one car). The number of the seat usually is placed next to the aisle and you can see if a seat is reserved on a small display above the seat.

Also keep in mind that trains are sometimes split in the middle of a journey, so that they can continue on to different destinations. Staff on board the train will be happy to give more information.
Where can I store my luggage on the train?
Storage areas are usually found above your seat and next to doors or sometimesin the middle of the carriage. However, the height of these areas is restricted, which means that very large items cannot be stowed here. Small items (handbags, sports bags, etc.) can be placed underneath your seat.
Is food or drink available on my train?
Many long-distance and high-speed trains have full-service restaurant cars offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes there are buffet and bar cars that sell light meals throughout the trip or vendors who pass through the carriages selling snacks and beverages. Please note that these services are subject to local availability – this service may only be offered at peak times.

However, food service is not very common on local domestic trains. If you want to know if your train has a buffet or restaurant car, please ask at the station prior to departure. To be sure to have food and drinks, pick up a snack from your departure station.
What amenities and entertainment are provided on board?
More and more trains in Europe are being equipped with Wi-Fi and electronic plug sockets for powering small devices. Sometimes this can depend on whether you are travelling in 1st or 2nd Class. On some high speed services you’ll find video and music entertainment, or DVD players for rent.
How do I know which is my train stop?
Make sure to take note of your scheduled arrival time and the names of the stations before your stop, so you will be prepared to disembark when the train arrives at your destination. Station names are usually clearly visible on their platforms, but you can always ask the conductor or a fellow passenger if you are not sure. The trains stops usually are visible at monitors on the trains are also announced, mostly in local language, approximately 5 minutes before the train stops.