Travel Europe in style and comfort with Interrail
  • For over 40 years Interrail has been connecting countries across Europe
  • 250,000 km of interconnected railways
  • 220,000 travelers each year

Interrail: Connecting travellers of all ages across Europe
For over 40 years Interrail has been connecting countries and travellers across Europe. Interrail gives passengers of all generations the opportunity and freedom to discover new cultures, history and the sights of Europe via more than 250,000 km of interconnected railways.

Created in 1972 as a unique European train travel pass designed specifically for youth, demand saw the Interrail Pass became available to all age groups in 1998. Based on the concept of the Renaissance Grand Tour, from its early beginnings an Interrail experience quickly became widely acknowledged as an educational and intercultural adventure for young people in Europe.

Today, over 220,000 European first time and well-seasoned travellers use Interrail each year to unlock all Europe has to offer and experience borderless travel across 30 different countries.

Interrail Tours: especially popular with seniors

Available to European residents, an Interrail Tour gives you the chance to unlock the cultural and historic richness of a single European country. Interrail Tours are especially popular with seniors and travellers looking for additional comfort and services, and quality accommodation, all in one convenient rail travel package.

Interrail Tours are available in three different countries at the moment. Other countries are planned to be on offer in the future. The countries you can choose so far are three of the most culturally attractive and lively ones in Europe.